how amaï was made




checking, any flaw?








glazing one side


a little dehydrating


ready for kilning

In 2011, amaï was founded in Saigon by the design duo Ingrid Ploem and Ina Stas on the basis of their shared love for design, culture and local craftsmanship. Perfectly marrying the spirit of West with East, humble yet refined, the finished product – a full collection of ceramics tableware – was a labor of love that had not only critics but also Ingrid and Ina themselves in awe. The name amaï was then given to the brand, which in Flemish – an ancient language of Antwerp, Belgium where both Ingrid and Ina’s heritage originated – means ‘Wow’. Since then, a decade has passed. Ingrid and Ina have each set off for their next adventures, all the while following amaï steps to becoming a beloved name in kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants and café all over the world.