Asian Dinner Set

Complement your dish with a bowl of steaming hot rice and rich dipping sauces.

79.90 usd

Western Dinner Set

A fine dining experience, from Entrée to Dessert.

118.50 usd

Tiny Gift Set

Tiny little pieces as the cutest souvenir.

17.20 usd


A perfect combo for an afternoon break.

23.70 usd

Latte Set

A morning pick me up must have.

23.80 usd

Espresso Set

Whether it is Robusta, Arabica or mixture of both, we have got you covered.

14.50 usd

Tea Set S

Have some and share some, Tea time is for connecting with oneself and others.

52.60 usd

Coffee Set

Have your coffee dripped the Vietnamese way.

38.60 usd