amaï story

Look fragile!

A little less than 8 years ago, amaï – a full ceramic collection were designed and made in Vietnam… to create a humble, refined ceramic collection consisting of plates, bowls and cups in all kind of sizes. All the designs look and feel really fragile, but are in fact surprisingly strong! Made of Clay, Kaolin, these cups can handle a bump. What makes amaï ceramics very cool is that the designs are glazed on the inside and not at all on the outside. When you hold the cup or plate, it has a ‘raw’ feel but when you look down you see an imperfect shape, perfectly finished and glazed…The exclusive showroom in Saigon is always busy and loved by the local and international community, you can find amaï tableware in different shops around town in Saigon, Tokyo, Dusseldorf, The Netherlands.

The Pastel Pantone

Working with high quality kaolin, formulating the ‘East meets West’ theme to perfect the even yet very uneven shapes, finishing many pieces with delicate colorful glazes inspired by watercolor paintings.